St. Louis Cats N’ Mats Yoga

Join Tenth Life for Yoga with the Cats

CATS + MATS YOGA led by Ami AmorĂ© is an open-level, fully inclusive, non-judgmental class held once a month at Tenth Life’s storefront located at 3202 Cherokee Street in Saint Louis, Missouri. Join us! Wear what you want. Work at your own pace. Just breathe.

About Cats N’ Mats Yoga Class

We love how our community rises to the occasion but we realize that helping others and caring a great deal can be just as exhausting as it is exhilarating and fulfilling. Cats n’ Mats Yoga at Tenth Life is a friendly, non-judgmental environment where anyone at any level can join in to relax and balance your passions with your human need for self-care, down-time, laughter, friendship and a sense of community. Wear what you want. Work at your own pace. Just breathe.

This is a completely open-level yoga class. You only need a mat and a love of cats to participate! And we have a couple of mats if you don’t have one. Curious kitties will be meandering about whilst we get our stretch on. This class is meant to be fun and nourishing to our bodies and souls while helping Tenth Life give cats the lives they deserve!

Learn more about the class and find a time to join us here: 

About Ami

Ami is a local belly dance teacher and performer who’s been in business since 1999. Ami believes that belly dance and yoga are innately connected and bring about the union of body, mind, and soul. Ami started doing yoga in 1996 and has been practicing different styles ever since. In 2010, she got her 200 ryt from East-West Healing under the direction of Jaime Sanchez at Urban Breath. Since then she continues to take classes with other instructors weekly and teaches a couple of classes out of her studio, Amorticious, and several private lessons both on location and at her studio. Ami comes to Tenth Life to teach yoga to satisfy an empty spot in her heart due to not having a cat (because she lives in her dance studio) and to give back to the community.

You can find out more info about Ami at her website

Learn more about the class and find a time to join us here:


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