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Operated primarily by volunteers, we are always seeking highly motivated, cat-loving individuals at Tenth Life to help further our mission to give all cats the lives they deserve while prioritizing those with the most significant needs.
  • What should I expect at orientation?During orientation, you will get a feel for our space and meet the cats that are currently in residence as we share a bit of Tenth Life's history, our hopes for the future, and our most pressing needs. We'll give you an overview of the positions that are available and most needed while also getting to know you, your passions, skills, and desire to help.
  • Do I have to attend orientation?Short answer, yes.Orientation is required so that we can get to know one another. Consider it a first date of sorts. Or the first step in training. We believe it helps if you really know our mission and vision so that you have a thorough understanding of who we are and what we expect from our volunteers before jumping in to help. There is a lot to learn and visitors and friends will ask questions. Lots of questions. We simply want to ensure that you have the tools to answer them or to know who to ask!

    While we prefer for volunteers to serve at our physical location as we get acquainted, we do have many roles that are easily performed remotely once you've gotten to know us a little better and are in the swing of things.
  • What if I cannot make orientation?We tend to host orientations around once a month and we really hope you can join a group. However, if you're really having trouble attending an orientation, please let us know and we'll see what we can do to accommodate you.
  • Can minors volunteer?We love when anyone is learning to give back. However, our minor volunteer program is on hold at this time.
  • Is Tenth Life's adoption lounge accessible?Tenth Life is wheelchair accessible. Our space does not have built-in wheelchair access; however, we do have a ramp and we're always happy to put it to good use. If there's ever any assistance you might need (specific needs, concerns, injuries, or limitations), please let us know so that we may be well prepared to make your visit a pleasant and easy one. If you would like to request a sign language interpreter or any other type of individual support, please give us one-two weeks of notice to search for a volunteer who can effectively assist you. If you have a caregiver or an assistant you'd like to attend alongside you, please let us know in advance so that we can be sure to accommodate your request appropriately. We're happy to do it!Accessibility notes: ADA compliant, air conditioned environment Wheelchair accessible Near public transit (the corner of our building is a Metro bus stop).

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Become a cat foster St. Louis


Become a cat foster St. Louis


Become a cat foster St. Louis

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