A foster parents saves lives.

Becoming a Foster Parent for Tenth Life is one of the most direct and rewarding ways you can help Tenth Life and the vulnerable felines we serve. Despite the occasional challenge, most fostering experiences involve simply providing nourishment, housing, and affection to a needy and deserving feline. Please read on to learn more and apply to foster for Tenth Life! 


Be at least 21 years of age.

Reside within the state of Missouri, within approx. 35 miles of one of our partner veterinarians and/or adoption center.

Have the written approval of all persons residing within the home.

Complete, sign and return the Tenth Life Foster Application and Contract and Volunteer Waiver.

Complete a phone interview with a member of our Foster Team.

Host a virtual home visit from one of our Foster Coordinators, including all members of the household. 


Provide a safe and loving INDOOR ONLY home for the cat(s) until they are adopted, not allowing them to mingle with outdoor or indoor/outdoor cats to protect them from parasites and contagious illnesses such as Feline Leukemia. 

Take foster cat(s) to all veterinary appointments in a timely fashion. Tenth Life pays veterinary bills.

Supply fresh litter, food, water, and grooming. We do provide supplies when they are available or medically necessary as prescribed by one of our partner veterinarians. 

Give your foster cat daily affection, play time, and attention.

Ensure that your cat attends adoption events regularly, as offered, for exposure to potential adopters.

Move healthy, cat-friendly cats to our adoption center for exposure to potential adopters and to free up space for new arrivals in your foster home, as desired.

Please note that if you have resident pets, we require that you provide an isolation space for your foster cat(s) and flea treat all pets using ONLY safe Tenth Life approved flea treatments (i.e., Frontline, Revolution). Please read the foster contract in full for more details.

Additional requirements found in the foster manual upon acceptance of role of foster parent. 


Please note that if you are interested in fostering neonatal (newborn) kittens, additional training is required. Please apply, indicating your desire to help neonates, and we will set you up with the appropriate training as soon as possible once approved.

Tenth Life Cat Rescue Foster Application and Contract

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