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Tenth Life’s monthly giving program, the Litter Mates Club, enables us to provide crucial medical assistance to the cats in our care. Monthly supporters help us provide for cats who may be with Tenth Life forever due to their unique medical or behavioral conditions.

While the cats in our Litter Mates program may spend their entire lives at Tenth Life, we’re grateful that they’re living the lives they deserve in comfort. At a typical shelter, cats like these are often euthanized to make space for more “adoptable” animals. But in Tenth Life´s loving and patient care, these kitties will live happily, surrounded by genuine affection, plenty of attention, and excellent medical care.

Of course, caring for special residents can be costly and your support means so much to them and to us. While donations of any amount help our kitties, monthly contributions of $10 (or more) also earn you some of the benefits outlined below. Your dollars help provide the means for our lifelong residents to receive regular quality medical care, or, in some cases, ongoing support for chronic conditions. Any excess funds raised by the Tenth Life Litter Mates Club will be used to provide veterinary care for other needy cats in Tenth Life’s care.

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